Friday, October 28, 2011

The 1st Little Prepper Doc Show!

Hello world! Okay, tonight was my first live broadcast on KPRN-DB, the Prepper Podcast Radio Network (
Yes, it was nerve racking. Seriously nerve racking as if you look up to see a big smelly sumo wrestler was about to squash your head with his bare-naked bum and you have only two seconds to get out of the way.
I was so nervous that I even made a mistake in my speech: I meant to say Coccidiodomycosis (or also called, Coccidiodomycoses) which is a fungus that caused lung infections in California after the earthquake. Instead I said Cryptosporidium which is a protozoan that causes diarrhea. LOL.
Blast those $5000 words! There are so many of them that when you break out into a cold sweat from nerves they start stumbling over each other out of your mouth. Total word salad. Except my word salad was like adding tomatoes to a fruit salad and then adding a spoonful of pepper: it just should never happen.
Anyway, it was fun broadcasting live. From now on, I will have at least one post per show to give further information about the material mentioned in the Little Prepper Doc show.

For those of you that don't know about the Little Prepper Doc show, it runs similar to this blog talking about the ins and outs of preparedness medicine. Next week I will be talking about folk remedies: Do they work and how they work. Please Stay tuned. The Little Prepper Doc show runs Friday nights at 8pm central time.
If you have any questions that you want answered on the show or subjects that you want to hear more about, please email them to with "Little Prepper Doc" in the subject line.
Thanks to all of you that listened to my broadcast today. If you missed it, you can download it at
Take care. Love you all!


  1. Enjoyed the show Doc. The audio podcast had problems but I listened right to the end anyway... something I don't normally do with bad audio.

    You didn't sound nervous. 8-)

    I'm looking forward to future shows and learning from you.

  2. Hi Steve;

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. I will talk to my producer about fixing the audio problems.

    Thank you so much!